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ebxml-awareness message

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Subject: 02/27/01 Meeting Minutes

Attendees: Andy Bartlett, Jim Taylor, Jeff Eck, Beth Morrow, Karl Best,
Steve Yung, Michael Weiner, Murray Maloney, Simon Nicholson,
Ed Julson, Carol Geyer.

1) On-going Assignments - Karl reported that he had not received
approval from the exec on the "status" web page. Murray will
bring it up on the QR team call to see if they can provide review.

Beth has a few leads on content for the web site.  Team leads will
continue to update their pages.  Beth will keep up with this and
perhaps follow-up with some calls.

2) POC - Steve reported that they are still deciding on the
choreography for London and NY.  Participation looks good
for both events.

3) Trade Shows - We need to find a replacement speaker
for Farrukh.  Ed is contacting Brian from C1 to replace him.

We need to determine by next Tuesday if we have enough
newsworthy info to hold a press event in London.

AI: Carol to check on rooms for London press event and POC keynote
AI: Mike to ping NY folks to see how ebXML pavilion is progressing.

4) General discussion was held regarding the press coverage re: SOAP



IBM Corporation - mweiner@us.ibm.com

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