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Subject: Re: EDI or XML Poll - Computerworld

The "Quickpoll" at http://www.computerworld.com/  just illustrates the
brilliance of the ebXML Marketing, Awareness and Education team, who
undoubtedly must have had a hand in planting this.

It reads: "Will a standard like ebXML help widescale adoption of XML in
B2B e-commerce?"  And the possible answers are 1) Yes, XML will become a
significant force, 2) No, EDI lives on, 3) Maybe, and 4) Not sure.

So our choices here are either ebXML is going to succeed, paving the way
widescale adoption of XML in B2B e-commerce [good, if you're behind
ebXML], or EDI will live on [also good, if you're one of the majority of
ebXML folks who come from an EDI background].

William J. Kammerer
4950 Blazer Pkwy.
Dublin, OH USA 43017-3305
+1 614 791-1600

Visit FORESIGHT Corp. at http://www.foresightcorp.com/
"accelerating time-to-trade"

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