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Subject: 27 Dec. Conference Call Report and 3 Jan. Agenda

Business Process Methodology Working Group

Attached is the report of the 27 Dec. conference call.  The agenda for the 3
Jan. 2000 call, to take place at 12:00 p.m. US Eastern time follows.

1.   Dec.27 Meeting Report

2.   Glossary items: functional requirement, non-functional requirement,
vertical, others?

3.   ebXML business process methodology

4.   Survey of current 

?vertical? XML-based process methodologies: who is the
intended target audience?

  To access the call, please dial +1 732 336-6000, followed by a PIN of 8327# at
the prompt.

Best Regards,

Paul Levine
(See attached file: BPMWG27121999.doc)

Mac Word 3.0

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