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Subject: 28 Feb. Conference Call notice

Business Process Team

The bi-weekly conference call will be held on Monday 28 Feb. at 12:00 p.m. US
Eastern Time.  Access the call by dialing +1 (732) 336-6000 followed by a PIN of

Discussion will continue on the Edifecs proposal to integrate metamodels into a
"straw" ebXML metamodel superset that would then be worked on by team members in
a 3 or 4 day work session.  The 14 Feb. call ran out of time as we were
discussing this proposal.  A report of the call is attached.

The metamodel is the most pressing item on our agenda.  However, I will ask for
additional topics at the start of the call.  At the time of the call I will be
attending a TeleManagement Forum meeting in Lisbon, so I can't promise exactly
how available I'll be.  But I'll at least be on line to get the call started.

Best regards,

Paul Levine
(See attached file: BP_PT_14022000.doc)

Mac Word 3.0

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