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Subject: RE: 28 Feb. Conference Call Report

Paul & ebXML-Bp

I do not understand this direction of heading to meta-meta models.   Surely this will be ThingType, Thing & ThingRelation! (MetaClassType, MetaClass & MetaClassRelation)

I believe that we are talking different views of meta structure - and need to agree the broad boundaries of these views, prior to 
establishing a framework (and subsequent decompostion)  within each view.  

The UML semantic structure of Foundation, Behavioural Elements & General Mechanism packages , and then further decomposition 
within these packages has been a good way to communicate a complex topic.

Is there a consolidated set of URLs for the existing meta models - to be able to review, and see if we are talking apples & apples.

** unfortunately - I am unable to make the phone discussions -  4:00AM (in Oz) is not my best time of day!

Look forward to your comments.


Keith Finkelde 
BT Portfolio Services
email: keith.finkelde@btfinancialgroup.com
phone: +61 2 9259 9765

-----Original Message-----
From: Paul R. Levine [mailto:plevine@telcordia.com]
Sent: Wednesday,1 March 2000 10:16
To: ebXML-BP@lists.oasis-open.org
Subject: 28 Feb. Conference Call Report

Business Process Team

The main topic of the 28 Feb. call was to develop a plan for development of the
BP meta meta model.  Please see the attached report of the call.

Best regards,

Paul Levine

(See attached file: BP_PT_28Feb2000.doc)

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