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Subject: RE: Comment

Somehow the end of my last message got deleted.
I'll try to recap the part I remember, with a little overlap:

Scott Hinkelman continued:
> The whole thing then overlaps with TRP at Information Exchange. 
> To TRP, this is called a MessageSet. Side note is that by my suggestion, 
> TRP dropped the entire term "transaction". It is terribly overloaded with 
> drastically different meanings depending on people backgrounds like
> EDI vrs RDB.

I fully agree, but I hate "Business Process" for the same reasons.

<some other TRP stuff snipped that I didn't understand.
If I skipped anything important, please let me know and
I'll try harder to get it. I don't mean to dismiss it, I'm
just short on time and wanted to address what I considered
to the meat of the issues, at the risk of missing something
thru ignorance...>

Thanks for the discussion,
Bob Haugen

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