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Subject: Alignment Group Minutes

Alignment Group Members:

Please find below the minutes for the Alignment Conference Call that occurred this morning , July 14th. Dial-in information related to the scheduled Tuesday July 25th conference call at 12pm Eastern Daylight Time will be emailed to the Alignment Group members in a separate email.

Alignment Conference Minutes 7/14/00:

Attendees: Bob Haugen Mary Kay Blantz Antoine Lonjon Bob Glushko Lisa Shreve Bill McCarthy Paul Levine Karsten Reimer Scott Hinkelman Marcia McLure Arofan Gregory

The Agenda for the July 14th Conference Call was as follows:

1.Review Brian's example

2.Determine if the CC Context Report by Brian and the 3 Example Documents should/could be merged into one document to be presented to the ebXML members in August.

3.Identify the core members of each example group and any additional persons to begin work on the examples.

4.Agree on the expected outcome of this group's efforts for the August meeting.

For discussion, outcomes might include the Metamodel, three Usable Examples and 1 Model Demonstration incorporating a CC submodel with the BP Metamodel demonstrating how CC context can be derived from the BP Metamodel

Conference Call Outcome:

  1. Questions and comments regarding Brian’s Context Report and the Arofan/Brian Example were made during the course of the conference call.
  2. It was agreed that portions of the CC Context Report and the 3 Example Documents could be merged into one document to be presented to the ebXML members in August.
  3. The general description of the purpose for the example groups was discussed, core members of the example groups were reviewed, with a few member changes and recommendations being made. Additional persons were identified for inclusion into these groups. At the present time the Example Groups and Members are:

The Auto Example- Bill, Bob, Mark Kay and Lisa Shreve

Action: Bob will attend next week’s AIAG Meeting.

The Travel and Leisure Example- Scott and Sharon.

Action:Scott will try to find an additional person for group.

The International Transport Example- Sue and perhaps Doug Towser

Action: a BP person to be identified by Sue.

Payments Example-

It was agreed that a fourth example group, the Payments Example-Bank to Bank-be included as a new example for development. Members recruited to include in the group: John Matthews, Mike Adcock or a designee, Bob Haugen

Action: Lisa will send email Mike Adcock and Melanies’ email addresses to requesting persons

Action: Marcia will coordinate Payment Example Group for an email discussion of the proposed task.

4.The Alignment Group agreed that we expect the outcome of this group's efforts for the August meeting to include:

  • the completion of the Usable Auto Example, Travel and Leisure Example and International Travel Examples.

>the Combined MetaModel incorporating a CC submodel with the BP Metamodel.

Action: A subgroup of BP Process Team Members will meet in Minneapolis to continue work on the MetaModel

> a Model Demonstration.

There was much discussion around the steps that should be taken to create a Model Demonstration that is both simple to understand to the non-ebXML or non-business process audience as well as sufficiently rich in process and context to be of value. It was agreed that the Discovery Model for the demonstration would be appropriate. The Discovery Model follows the discovery process-message exchange-development process and is completed with the instantiation of those messages.

Action: Arofan and Karsten will create a written description of this Model Demonstration steps and processes for distribution to the Alignment Group.

Action: Karsten will contact The Pilot Project Team Lead and determine the role of the Pilot Team as related to our Model Demonstration effort.

Action: Scott Neiman, Mike Adcock, Karsten and perhaps Rik Drummond (?) will meet next week at the TMWG meeting to define the scope and the extension of the Demo.

Action: Arofan, Karsten and Antoine agreed to work on the development on the Demo.

Action: Arofan will speak with Matt requesting use of the Schemantics engine for the Demo.

The next Alignment Group conference call will be held Tuesday July 25th at 9am Pacific Coast Time. Agenda to Include:

>Update on the Status of the Action Items. >Determine Next Steps in Alignment Group Activities to prepare for the August Meeting

Best regards,


BP PT Co-Lead

Marcia L. McLure Ph.D. MMI 28720 Canwood Street Suite 208 Agoura Hills CA 91301 818-706-3882


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