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Subject: RE: Comments on BP MetaModel draft

Bill Chessman wrote:
>1. Is there any further work to be done on the Automobile Component Procurement
>example provided?  Specifically, in the inclusion of other diagrams, I would
>wonder if activity diagrams might be helpful.  While I can see who/what
>interacts with who/what, based on the use cases and I can see how objects would
>fit together, I still have no feel for how the process (scenarios?) proceed, or
>what decisions and controls might be expected.  Also, In the collaboration
>diagrams, I'm not seeing much on how the objects collaborate.  (I'm relatively
>new to UML and UMM, so maybe I'm missing something or failing to understand
>that which is probably basic...?)

Re activity diagrams etc:
AIAG (Automotive Industry Action Group) in conjunction with the
ebXML Core Components group has held a couple of workshops
this last week detailing out one section of the auto example.
They have created activity diagrams.  Thus (maybe soon) at
least one section of an auto example will be detailed out from
metamodel through activity diagrams to core components.

Re the collaboration diagrams:
It was pointed out to me at the TMWG meeting last week that I should
have called them "object diagrams", because they do not use full the
full semantics of collaboration diagrams.  I just used the Rational Rose
collaboration diagram to map between object configurations and 
the metamodel classes.  The name will be changed, and the 
activity diagrams will give more interaction details, in the next

>2. I'm trying to understand the role of the Business Process Metamodel.  Since
>a metamodel defines the language of a model (hope I got that right), would it
>be safe to say that this metamodel will actually provide a template or
>guideline by which all ebXML-based models will be created/designed?

Certainly that is one of the uses of the metamodel.  Another is 
classification of model elements in a repository.  Whether *All* 
ebXML-based models must use and conform to the metamodel is
currently under discussion in several groups and will undoubtedly
be an issue in San Jose.

>Thanks in advance for your patience in asking my (possibly uninformed)

Good questions! Thank you!

-Bob Haugen

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