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Subject: Tentative list of BP bullets for bootcamp

As mentioned in BP team meeting today, this is the rough list of
bullets I will address in the BP part of Monday's bootcamp.
I will revise these based on any input from you all and send them to 
Dick Raman and Tim McGrath by end of business tomorrow:

1. Overall goal/objective of BP
2. History of BP (the collection of 7-8 existing models, the seattle meeting, 
3. Main sections of BP (Markets, REA, Process, Information, ServiceInterface)
4. Relationship to Core Components, Transport, and Repository.
5. Scenarios (exerpt from my original scenario write-up)
6. Metamodel overview, very high level (mention this is the ebXML metamodel)
7. How to use ebXML BP a step at a time, staged approach
8. Relationship of pieces of BP to other standards (TPA, Rosetta, CommerceNet)
9. Example illustrating all of the above
10. Summary

That's ten slides, 3 minutes each,


Karsten Riemer,
Director, Information Architecture,
Enterprise Management Architecture Group
Sun Microsystems Inc.,
MailStop UBUR03-313
1 Network Drive,
Burlington, MA 01803-0903

ph. 781-442-2679
fax 781-442-1599
e-mail karsten.riemer@sun.com

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