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Subject: RE: Xtreme Ease-of-Implementation

<Todd Boyle>
Do you want to reach SMBs where they live, today?  They live inside their
business software, in which they create purchases, sales and payments. 
ebXML should face the truth, that all those activities have been built 
into monolithic, integrated accounting software, and avoid any 
foolhardy mission that requires SMBs to ditch their existing software.
</Todd Boyle>

Todd, somehow I miscommunicated.  My proposal (and ebXML
business collaborations) do not require anybody to ditch their
existing software.  My proposal is about the conversations
between companies about order-acceptance, fulfillment and
payment cycles. It is meant to be plugged into existing internal 
software,  not replace it.  Stefano Pogliani has a proposal for 
how to plug in, which I hope to integrate with mine.  

The problem with the existing internal business software
is that none of it can conduct the external collaborations
between companies.  That is what ebXML (and my proposal) 
is about.

In terms of your worthy proposals, mine is more like your
offer-acceptance idea than your GL ideas.  Your GL ideas
would plug in just as in your original Public Transaction
Repository proposal, and my order-fulfillment patterns
could work nicely within a PTR.

Bob Haugen

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