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Subject: updated metamodel issues list

In the metamodel meeting today we resolved lots of issues.
Attached is the new issues list.
We are on target, although a very tight target, for submitting to QR all of
the infrastructure release deliverables from the metamodel team by 12/22
(except that we likely will defer the production rules to closer to 1/14/2001)

Attendees today: Jim Clark, Cory Casanave, Jamie Clark, Bill McCarthy, Paul
Levine, Karsten Riemer

We will have daily meetings 12 noon the rest of this week, hope to have
virtual champagne in the Friday meeting.

Tomorrows agenda:

1.  Resolve differences in modeling collaboration nesting (recursion)
2.  Resolve differences in modeling transitions
3.  Resolve differences in modeling binding documents to success/failure
4.  Finalize placement of timing/security parameters

5. Go over results from London context meeting, decide how much of that to
incorporate in infrastructure metamodel/schema.



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