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Subject: RE: security and timing parameters

<Karsten Riemer>
We have decided that none of the timing and security parameters go above the
transaction level, i.e. we have decided not to have any timing and security
defaults at the collaboration level.
</Karsten Riemer>

As Dave Welsh says, I think there are needs for time constraints
at the business collaboration level.

In the metamodel, there is a class on the BOM level called
"BusinessCollaborationTask" which contains a timeToPerform
parameter.  I think it would be good to reified that parameter
down to the BusinessCollaborationProtocol.

Other internal collaboration constraints could be modeled
(correctly, I think) with Commitments in my "economic
relationships in collaborations" proposals.  Commitments
have time constraints; if not fulfilled in time, remedies 
could be specified in the collaboration protocol.

Between those ideas, I think any requirements for
time constraints in collaborations could be handled.
Needless to say, they will require collaboration-level
software, too.

However, this discussion does bring to mind that
the metamodel from which we are extracting all
of this infrastructure stuff needs more work.
The metamodel as adopted by UN/CEFACT
TMWG is subtly different  from the one on the
ebXML site, and neither has been updated
officially in the last flurry of infrastructure 

Bob Haugen

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