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Subject: RE: Initial work on Business Process Editor Toolset POC


Here are my comments on the "Business Process Editor- Commercial Transaction Worksheet" - slide #13.

Name:                                   Create Purchase Order
Pattern:                                Business transaction with responding Business Document
Time to ack receipt:            2 hrs
Time to accept receipt:       2 hrs
Time to perform:                36 hrs
Authorization required:     Yes
Non repudiation of origin and content: Yes
Non repudiation of receipt: Yes
Retry:                  3
Interval between retry:

You have "Time to ack receipt" and "Time to accept receipt" on this slide.   According to the UMM metamodel (N090) "Time to ack receipt" is defined as (this is a subset of the official definition in the N090):


TimeToAcknowlegeReceipt. Both partners agree to mutually verify receipt of a requesting business document within specific time duration. The time to acknowledge receipt is the duration from the time a business document request is sent by a requesting partner until the time a verification of receipt is “properly received” by the requesting business partner. This verification of receipt is an audit-able business signal and is instrumental in contractual obligation transfer during a contract formation process (e.g. offer/accept). 


There is NO "Time to accept receipt", but there is "timeToAcknowledgeAcceptance" defined in the UMM N090If you meant it to be "timeToAcknowledgeAcceptance", then I have the following comment:


It was my understanding that we'd decided at the f2f meeting on 1/17-19/01 that we do not need an Acknowledgement of Acceptance for the "Commercial Transaction=Create Purchase Order" from the Vendor to the Dotcom for each Purchase Order placed (for this storyboard).

I believe that your statement "Vendor reports back to the dotcom the confirmed order acknowledgement status"  implies that confirmed order acknowledgement status is communicated to the Dotcom in the Purchase Order Response (Acknowledgement) and there is NO separate Acknowledgement of Acceptance message that just says that this Purchase Order contains a valid customer, product id and/or other data entities.  If this is true then the
"timeToAcknowledgeAcceptance" should be “NA” or” Null”.


Also, there is a note at the bottom of the slide “1.Pattern does not exist in the UMM”.   My question to you is: “ Why couldn’t we use the activity design pattern called “Business Transaction” which id defined in section 4.4 of the UMM N090 document?




Larissa Leybovich

Supply Chain Solutions

Vitria Technology


949-857-4233  Irvine

949-836-2545  Cell

408-212-2716  Sunnyvale




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From: Sharma, Nita [mailto:nsharma@netfish.com]
Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2001 11:25 PM
To: 'ebxml-bp@lists.ebxml.org '; 'ebxml-ccbp-analysis@lists.ebxml.org '
Subject: Initial work on Business Process Editor Toolset POC


the attached powerpoint slides contain initial work done on the BPE Tool
POC. This is Work In Progress.

Nita Sharma

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