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Subject: Help BP Specs

Dear All

Having read the 4 BP specifications/documents for the first time as a QA
member, and in having to do some work on it internally, im having a
difficulty which seems either a large hole in the BP specs or a large hole
in my own abilities.  I think I understand each of the specifications
individually but figuring out how they work together is another thing.
Specifically how do you populate a BP XML schema from the worksheet

The BP overview says that simpletons like my self should define a UMM
compliant specification with the help of worksheets and then that 'the
expectation is that after the worksheets have been completed, there will be
sufficient information to mechanically produce a metamodel based
specification of the modelled business processes'.  So far so good.

Now the issue is where is the mechanical mapping?  im not looking for a tool
but i was kind of expecting a simple mapping table to show me how a get from
the worksheets to the xml schema.  For example where to the fields of the
business reference model ( table in line 367) go, or the next, or the next
etc.  If there is no map, then what use are the worksheets???

Any help or insight gratefully received

Technical Strategy Director, Technical Strategy Team
Business Development Unit

Stuart Campbell
TIE Holding NV
UK          T:+44 1270 254019   F:+44 7971 121013
Netherlands  T:+31 20 658 9335   F:+31 20 658 9901
Global       M:+44 7970 429251   E:stuart.campbell@TIEGlobal.com
		 W:www.TIEglobal.com P:www.stuartcampbell.co.uk

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