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Subject: Schema & BP Spec: Items for today's BP/CC meeting

It's only my opinion (I haven't talked to anyone else on the team), but I
feel very strongly that both Schema and DTD versions should be available.
They often are used for very different communication/integration purposes
in different ways... now, you could do one or the other and write a
tranform document... but don't just do one. Schemas are too hard to
integrate into narrative text (even though they may/may not be as precise)
and many times schemas are the best choice for integrating back into
database situations.

This is just a thought and I know if it does not come to pass in this
iteration, it will down the line.


Sharon Kadlec
Northwest Airlines, Inc.

---------------------- Forwarded by Sharon Kadlec/MSP/NWA on 04/16/2001
02:17 PM ---------------------------

"Hayes, Brian" <Brian.Hayes@Commerceone.com> on 04/16/2001 02:03:37 PM
 To:      ebxml-bp@lists.ebxml.org                            
 Subject: Schema & BP Spec: Items for today's BP/CC meeting   

Karsten wrote:
> An issue just raised by Neal: Should we include a W3C schema
> version of the
> SpecSchema along with (or instead of) the DTD? What is the
> recommendation from
> BP/CC - DTD or Schema, or both?

Time permiting, I strongly recommend we deliver a schema version.  DTDs are
not precise enough for defining interfaces (structure and strings) and the
BP Spec Schema is essentially and interface.


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