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ebxml-bp message

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Subject: issues from QR

Hi TP team,
three issues have been raised by QR against the BP specification, but about
its relation to CPP/CPA:

Issue #27	4/3	QRT	Line 734-736	A CPA need not use an ebXML business process.
ebXML can be incrementally adopted.	

Issue #28	4/3	QRT	Line 737	“must” should be “could” (see point above).	

Issue #33	4/3	from QRT:	Line 841	Can these only be ebXML CPAs?	

Please discuss these in your meeting today.

My understanding is that role is the linkage between CPP/CPA and
ProcessSpecification. If you use role as linkage, then theoretically you may
have an non ebXML CPP/CPA pointing to an ebXML ProcessSpecification, and that
you may have an ebXML CPP/CPA pointing to a non ebXML ProcessSpecification, as
long as it supports role in the same way.

Let's make sure we have a consistent stand on this issue, so let me know what
your group opinion is.


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