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Subject: Two more BPSS issues

As promised on Tuesday's BPSS conference call,
here are two more issues:

Line 821 section 6.4.3 Multi-Party Collaborations:
Several issues about how this will work in practice:
* What is the relationship of a multi-party collaboration 
XML document to the ebXML runtime CPA?
* Who gets a copy of the multi-party collaboration document?
Only some central party, or all participants?
* Since the multi-party collaboration will be composed of
several binary collaborations, what if the details of one
binary collaboration should not be exposed to other
participants of the multi-party collaboration?

Followup to the discussion of ebXML business collaborations
using non-ebXML documents:
In some ebXML document, either the BPSS or some supporting
document or appendix, there should be a clear statement of 
how to use ebXML business collaborations with business documents
from other sources, including other XML formats like OAG, and
also non-XML formats like X12 and EDIFACT.

-Bob Haugen

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