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Subject: Re: PoC Scenario - Proposal


There is one item to understand. We would use the BP process for the
"Direct Retail" scenario, and we can  add one additonal role  in sending
messages  to show Catalogue procedures. As we discussed yesterday, we will
not drill down during the POC to go over every last detail, and in fact we
will drill down to show the details of one of the "Binary Collaborations"
as well as drill downs on Security, Core Components, CPA's, etc.

Regards, Sig

                    "Hayes, Brian"                                                                                      
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                    ceone.com>                 Handelman (E-mail)" <swhandel@us.ibm.com>, "Cherkassky, Dimitri"         
                    04/18/2001 03:59 PM       cc:                                                                       
                                              Subject:     PoC Scenario - Proposal                                      

At today's ebXML-Analysis team teleconference, Nita gave a report on the
meeting.  One of the issues was the choice of business process scenario.
Version 0.56 of the PoC Technical Specification proposed the "Direct To
Customer Retail" Scenario (submitted by Nita and the scenario being used by
the BP team to test out BP analysis concepts).  At yesterday's PoC
face-to-face, another scenario was choosen.  I'll call this the
Tuesday-Catalog-Payment scenario.  It was unclear why this second scenario
was preferred.

Given the schedule and resource constraints, the PoC-BP team members would
like to
*          maximize reuse of what has been done
*          leverage the domain expertise within the Analysis team (see
resources are easier to get at)
*          provide a meaningful business scenario with a foundation in a
world business model -- if at all possible

I called Dimitri Cherkassky today and talked to him about the Catalog
aspects of the Tuesday-Catalog-Payment scenario.  The critical issue being
the role of the exchange/portal/"NetMarket" in the scenario.  The role is
this: the exchange/portal/"NetMarket" is just a router -- no value added
business level-service (this is in contrast to the Commerce One marketplace
model where catalogs can be stored at the market for downloading to the
buyer's system).

Dimitri said it would be acceptable to use the Direct-To-Customer-Retail
scenario if it was augment to handle the Catalog transaction and to support
the financial aspects of the Tuesday-Catalog-Payment scenario.  I wonder
if the PoC finacial folks would find the finacial aspects of the
Direct-To-Cusomter-Retail sufficient (however, schemas for finacial
documents may already exist for the other scenario).

==> David Welsh, Bob Haugen and others: please comment ASAP so that Sig
knows what to put in the the next version of the PoC Technical
Specificaiton.  Also, someone should coordinate with Sid A.  Perhaps that's

Brian Hayes
Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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