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Subject: BP docs and TA


In today's meeting we decided to do a review of TA for clarity and correctness
relative to current BP thinking (specifically with relation to UMM).  This
will result in a draft of a set of changes to the TA document. This draft will
first be reviewed by the BP/CC team, and then if agreed, submitted as a formal
change request to TA for distribution and vote in Vienna.

Brian Hayes and I volunteered to co-draft the proposed changes.

In order to do so, we need a word version of the TA,v1.04cument.

Brian and I have agreed to split the work. Brian will review/revise section 6.
I will review/revise section 8.2. We think that as far as relationship between
BP and UMM is concerned those two sections will suffice. Does anyone in CC
think that a revision of section 8.3. is required, too?

There does need to be a complete review of the entire document to make sure it
properly distinguishes between: "Business Process and Information Metamodel",
"Business Process and Information Model". 
"Business Process Specification Schema", 
"Business Process Specification", 
as these are most definitely incorrect and misleading in some places.

Paul, will you please get us the word version of TA 1.04?


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