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ebxml-bp message

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Subject: bpOVER

This is the official transmittal of the final draft of the Business Process
and Business Information Analysis Overview [bpOVER] reference document from
the Analysis/Methodology Group of the ebXML Business Process/Core
Components Joint Delivery Team (BP/CC JDT) for public review prior to the
Vienna plenary meeting.

Included in the zip file are a pdf file of bpOVER and an xls file of a
partially completed disposition log of comments and resolutions.  The log
will be updated prior to the Vienna meeting.

Klaus Naujok and Karl Best are hereby requested to post bpOVER and the
disposition log for public viewing.


Paul Levine
(See attached file: bpOVER_v0.7 .zip)

bpOVER_v0.7 .zip

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