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Subject: Re: Viena PoC - BP Modeling/Editing Tools

Actually, Fujitsu would like to show BP editing tool
in Vienna POC also. Please let me know whom I should talk to.
Or this role should be decided in POC F2F meeting on 4/30 and
5/1 in Maryland, even if I don't see anybody from BP WG?

   Kazunori IWASA
   Industry Relations, Fujitsu Software Corporation
   3055 Orchard Drive, San Jose, CA 95134-2022
   TEL: +1(408)456-7983  FAX: +1(408)456-7979
   e-mail: iwasa@fs.fujitsu.com

----- Original Message -----
From: "Hayes, Brian" <Brian.Hayes@commerceone.com>
To: "ebXML-PoC" <ebXML-PoC@commerceone.com>; "ebXML-BP (E-mail)"
Sent: Monday, April 30, 2001 6:10 PM
Subject: Viena PoC - BP Modeling/Editing Tools

> I am curious to which companies are responsible for providing business
> process modeling/editing tools for the Vienna PoC.  I know that
> and MEGA International who have also been participating in the BP team are
> interested.  Bill Cox indicated that Data Access and Bind are interested
> also.
> * "BP Editor" - Nita Sharma [nsharma@netfish.com]
> * MEGA Suite - Antoine Lonjon [ALonjon@MEGA.com]
> Brian Hayes
> Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498
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