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Subject: RE: Viena PoC - BP Modeling/Editing Tools

> Brian,
> Repeating for reference my response to Nita:
> -------------------
> Nita,
> We have had some discussion about this on the BP call.  As we have
> suggested earlier, we would like to show the next step - taking the BPSS
> and realizing it with lower level components (Which could also be using
> ebXML services), bringing in the integration of the OMG "Component
> Collaboration Architecture" as we did in the last lunch and learn. Please
> advise us how this should best fit in.  In particular, we can drill down
> from the evolving worksheet model or "up" from the POC model - we could
> even attempt to transform between the them.
> -------------------
> So I would not characterize what we are providing as much as a process
> modeling tool - but one that closes the gap between the process model and
> "stuff that runs" in the transport and reg/rep.  All of this is based on
> the OMG work and the careful coordination between the ebXML process model
> and OMG-EDOC.  Closing this gap between the methodology and the
> infrastructure may be critical for people outside of this process to
> understand how the pieces fit together and why ebXML is more than a
> transport with some hand-waving about business process.  It also makes it
> much more clear how it could become a solution, and integrate with other
> solutions, within the enterprise and outside of it.
> Regards,
> Cory Casanave
> Data Access Technologies
> 	-----Original Message-----
> 	From:	Hayes, Brian [SMTP:Brian.Hayes@Commerceone.com]
> 	Sent:	Monday, April 30, 2001 9:10 PM
> 	To:	ebXML-PoC; ebXML-BP (E-mail)
> 	Subject:	Viena PoC - BP Modeling/Editing Tools
> 	I am curious to which companies are responsible for providing
> business
> 	process modeling/editing tools for the Vienna PoC.  I know that
> Netfish/Iona
> 	and MEGA International who have also been participating in the BP
> team are
> 	interested.  Bill Cox indicated that Data Access and Bind are
> interested
> 	also.
> 	*	"BP Editor" - Nita Sharma [nsharma@netfish.com]
> 	*	MEGA Suite - Antoine Lonjon [ALonjon@MEGA.com]
> 	Brian Hayes
> 	Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498
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