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Subject: bpWS Fix - Retail Drop Ship Overview Diagram & Transaction Summar yTable

	I mentioned in a previous email,
http://lists.ebxml.org/archives/ebxml-bp/200104/msg00205.html, that Figure
11-1, Direct To Customer Retail Transaction and Physical Goods Flow Overview
is not accurate.  I have made some further updates and provided a business
process/collaboration/transaction summary table similar to the table in
section 8.5 of the ebXML Catalog of Common Business Processes [bpPROC]

	I hope that David Welsh and Jennifer Loveridge of Nordstrom.com (the
domain experts and analysts and worksheet modelers for this scenario) will
have time to review the updated diagram and table for accuracy.

+ Most of the business processes have a single busines collaboration.
   + Business process Ship Goods has two collaborations, Shipment
Notification and Confirm Shipment
+ Most of the business collaborations have a single transaction

	I believe it is desirable to model the choreography of business
processes at the business process use case level (or there abouts) to
show/define the umbrella-processes.  I speculate that in this Retail Drop
Ship scenario there may be two or three umbrella processes: 
	+ Product-Offering-And-Inventory,
Customer-Order-Fulfillment-Customer-Settlement, Vendor-Retailer-Settlement
	+ Customer-Order-Fulfillment-Customer-Settlement,
Product-Offering-And-Inventory is a precondition to
Customer-Order-Fulfillment-Customer-Settlement and
Vendor-Retailer-Settlement. Customer-Order-Fulfillment-Customer-Settlement
is a precondition to Vendor-Retailer-Settlement.  There is one instance of
Product-Offering-And-Inventory per retailer-vendor pair (note that I view
the transactions in the process are repeatable).  There is one instance of
Customer-Order-Fulfillment-Customer-Settlement per customer-retailer order.
There is one instance of Vendor-Retailer-Settlement per vendor-retail pair
(note that I view the transactions in the process are repeatable).

	I would be tempted to label these umbrella-processes as "business
process collaborations"; they are not the same as "business collaborations."
These Business Process Collaborations occur in the  Business Operations Map
(BOM) view of the UMM Metamodel and Business Collaborations exist at the
Business Requirements View (BRV) of the UMM Metamodel.


Brian Hayes


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