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Subject: Re: [Fwd: POC Website]

BP PT Members,

Bill Cox requested that this message be forwarded to the BP PT.


Paul Levine

                    William Cox                                                                    
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                                         Ph.D." <marcia.mclure@mmiec.com>                          
                    05/01/01             cc:     (bcc: Paul R. Levine/Telcordia)                   
                    05:44 PM             Subject:     [Fwd: POC Website]                           

I couldn't ensure that this got out - i wasn't on the bp mailing list so
it was rejected, and I have a plane to catch.  If you don't see this
tonight, could one of you send it to the list?


bill cox

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Subject: POC Website
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BP Team - -

This is a partial followup to POC discussions on the phone call yesterday.
was waiting to get the web site complete enough.  I'm heading for an
soon, and I'm separated from my notes.  If some names arre wrong, please
me know. (I'm travelling in the US, and will be in email contact.)

The URLs below give specification versions, payloads, and planning
for the POC demos at Vienna.

Our collective goal is to show an overview of the ebXML business process,
as a
10 minutes +- first section presentation (Karsten is working on slides, I
believe), and up to 4 sidebar short highlights during the scenarios
in the planning document.  These would be 60-90 seconds, and show (say) a
model, or how something is build from a business process, etc.

The BP team will contribute to the overview, and in the Tuesday lunch and
learn will build a model similar to (but probably not identical to) the
used in the POC. There are discussions taking place that include Nita and
Bryan and probably others.

Four companies have expressed interest in participating in the POC demo; we
will start integrating them on Monday.  Cory and others will come up with
proposed places and material to show.  Those four companies are Mega, Data
Access, Bind Systems, and Netfish.  Please send me email with issues. We
thought that this would produce a stronger, although possibly less

The coordination group is me (Bill Cox), Karsten, someone from Data Access
(Cory?), Marcia, and someone else.

"Askary, Sid" wrote:

> POC,
> I have updated the site and posted the documents (corrected schemas,
> samples, etc.)  Remember, schema paths are now local.  We still need a
> sample docs to post.
> http://www.ebxml.org/project_teams/poc/POC.htm
> http://www.ebxml.org/project_teams/poc/vienna/index.html

William Cox
BEA Systems Architecture and Standards
140 Allen Road             Liberty Corner NJ 07938
+1 908 580 3458      fax +1 908 580 3060

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