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Subject: Re: ebXML-CP: Business Process Methodology Template v0.1 DRAFT

> It's sometime hard to follow ebXML work! Especially without being able to
> attend meetings or call conference.
> I would have many questions regarding this BP-CC model but I will make only
> one remark by now :
> * the identifier for "SimpleComponent" is a name (and it is the same for
> many others entities).
> I think the identifier must be a code and not a name (it's better for
> computer processing and it is fundamental for multilinguism).
> In the first document on Core Component Methodology it was the case and I
> think we have to keep this.

The identifier is clearly identified as an XML name - unless it conforms to this rule it cannot be used as an XML tag name, only as a GUID.

The concept of using randomly generated codes for these names was never agreed by the XML community - it is a concept that has been pressed many times by the EDI community, and rejected many times by the XML community. If the EDI community insists on it then ebXML will be used only by the EDI community. The XML community is simply not used to using random tag ids for naming elements. The best you can hope is that they will be used as GUIDs that can map local tag names to repositories - they will serve no other function.

Martin Bryan

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