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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML-CP Teleconference Report - 1 Nov and CP Tokyo Status Report

ebXML-CP Teleconference Report
Date: 1 Nov
Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am PST

+ Status Report for Tokyo
+ Methodology Guidelines
+ Next Steps

   Bob Haugen, Brian Hayes, Stephan de Jong, Paul Levine, Sue Probert, Nita
Sharma, Lisa Shreve, Dave Welsh, Jim Werner

Status Report for Tokyo
   We reviewed the draft Core Process team status report for Tokyo. The
report is at the end of this email.  If you have any updates, send them to
Brian Hayes or the ebxml-ccbp-analysis@lists.ebxml.org before Monday Nov
  There was good discussion around:
  + Mentors, Liaisons, and Modelers
  + Catalog of Core Processes
  + Methodology Guidelines

Mentors, Liaisons, and Modelers
   Lisa expressed that there was a concern many CC Domain Groups members do
not have experience in the required modeling techniques.  The members are
focused on their deliverables and have little time to learning the requisite
modeling techniques.  Valuable time would be lost to learn ebXML business
process modeling.  Experience has shown that it would be very useful to have
someone ask questions to guide the domain analysis discussions.  This person
or a designated modeler can capture the model.
   The role of "Modeler" has been identified.  It was noted that other
methodologies, including the UN/CEFACT UMM (TMWG N090) identifies the need
to have a technical modeler.  In our case, the Modelers will come from the
BP team or the CC team depending on who volunteers (or gets volunteered :^).
   It is not the intent for the Mentor or the Modeler to instruct the Domain
Groups on modeling unless the groups or a member requests such instruction.

Catalog of Core Processes
   Lisa requested that the Mentors explicate request feedback from the
Domain Groups on the Catalog.  Sue suggested that in Tokyo we should
strategize on establishing a working relationship with other standards
groups (e.g. BPAWG (Colin Clark) and WCO).  Sue will email an updated list
of standards organizations.

Methodology Guidelines
   We discussed issues around the reuse of documents.  We agreed that the
Guidelines document should have a section that discusses these issues
(everyone participating in the discussion is encouraged to contribute to
this section of the document).

Next Steps
+ Business Process Specification Example - Materials Management - Time
permitting between now and Tokyo, Brian will attempt to put together a BP
Spec around the Metamodel Example.
+ ebXML Tokyo - See you there!
+ Post Tokyo Teleconferences - to be discussed in Tokyo and in subsequent
emails to the ebxml-ccbp-analysis elist.

Core Process Team Status Report, Nov 6, ebXML Tokyo
I.  Charter
+ Identify the catalog of standard ebXML Core Processes.

+ Mentor the ebXML Core Components Industry Domain Teams with the
application of the UN/CEFACT Unified Modeling Methodology (UMM) and the
ebXML Business Process Metamodel. Identify any new processes and patterns.

+ Create the ebXML Business Methodology Guidelines that provides the
prescriptive application of the UN/CEFACT Unified Modeling Methodology (UMM)
and the ebXML Business Process Metamodel.

II. Active Participants
Thanks to the following people for contributing to the Core Process team:
   Martin Bryan, Jim Clark, Bob Haugen, Anne Hendry, Brian Hayes, Stephan de
Jong, Paul Levine, Sue Probert, Nita Sharma, Lisa Shreve, Edwin Young, Dave

Apologies to any names left off

III. List of Deliverables
+ List of Mentors
+ Catalog of Core Processes
+ Business Process Methodology Guidelines
+ Business Process Specification Template
+ Example Business Process Specifications

IV. Mentoring and Mentor List
A Mentor is provides help and guidance with the ebXML Business Process
Methodology to the Industry Domain Teams.  A Mentor does not do the actual
modeling.  A Modeler is a person who is responsible for developing the model
based on the results of an analysis team (e.g. Domain Group).

+ Manufacturing/Materials Management
  - Mentor: Bob Haugen. Modeler: Sig Handelman
+ Finance, Insurance, Retail, Customs
  - Mentors: to-be-determined. Modelers: to-be-determined.
+ Context
  - Mentor: Martin Bryan.

+ Progress to date
   - Bob Haugen, with Jim Clark, mentored Sig Handelman in the development
of the ebXML Metamodel Example (Manufacturing: Materials Management)
   - Martin Brian is the Mentor for Context.

+ Next Steps
  - Identify Mentors and Modelers for the other Industry Domain Teams

V. Catalog of Core Processes
This the catalog of standard/core ebXML business processes. The catalog
domestic and international business processes. It also provides a mapping to
standards such as Rosettanet PIPs, X12, and EDIFACT. 

+ Team: Nita Sharma (Lead), Edwin Young, David Welsh
+ Progress to date
   - Announced availability of work-in-progress document
   - Requesting contributions and feedback
+ Next Steps
   - Solicit input from Domain Groups
   - Solicit input and work with other standards efforts (e.g. UN/CEFACT
BPAWG, X12, etc.)
   - ebXML community can contribute

VI. Methodology Guidelines
The ebXML Business Process Methodology Guidelines is a specialization of the
UN/CEFACT Unified Modeling Methodology (UMM) [TMWG N090]. By providing a
more prescriptive approach, application of the Guidelines will result in
more predictive deliverables. The Guidelines are provide further delineation
of steps and procedures reflecting the practical experience of people who
have applied the UMM and other similar methodologies to e-business.

+ Team: Brian Hayes (Editor), Jim Clark, Bob Haugen
+ Progress to date
  - Ver 0.3a work-in-progress available for review
  - Not complete but provides an understanding of what will be in the final
+ Next Steps
  - TMWG to provide input

VII. Specification Template
The ebXML Business Process Specification Template is a boilerplate for
creating the specifications for business processes. The ebXML Business
Process Methodology Guidelines describes how to gather and create the
content for each section in the specification.

+ Team: Brian Hayes, Anne Hendry, Pat Toufar
+ Progress to date
  - Version 0.1, work-in-progress available on web site
  - Started next version
+ Next Steps
  - Update to reflect latest Metamodel
  - Being further developed in conjunction with the Example Specification
and the Methodology Guidelines

VIII. Example Specifications

+ Team: Jim Clark (Lead), Brian Hayes
+ Progress to date
  - "Procurement Management: Procurement" business process specification in
  - Effort delayed due to computer crash
+ Next Steps
   - Complete specification
   - Identify and start work on a second specification (e.g. Metamodel
Example - Materials Management)


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