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Subject: ebXML Conference - Tokyo - presentations

 Hi Brian/Dave

here are some slides that I put together for "Core Process " discussions at
ebXML conference in Tokyo. Due to lack of time could not do more. Please
review these and add/alter if necessary. Let me know what else you would
like me to include and when will these slides be used.

Brian, please format the look and feel of the slides based on ebXML
presentation standards

all the best

- Nita

-----Original Message-----
From: Hayes, Brian
To: ebXML-CCBP-Analysis (E-mail)
Sent: 10/26/00 2:22 PM
Subject: ebXML-CP Teleconference Report - 25 Oct

ebXML-CP Teleconference Report
Date: 25 Oct
Time: 9:00 am - 10:30 am PST

+ Catalog of Core Process
+ Manage Purchase Order Business Process Specification
+ Tokyo
+ Working With Domain Groups

   Bob Haugen, Brian Hayes, Stephan de Jong, Nita Sharma, Dave Welsh

Catalog of Core Process
   Lisa Shreve sent the Catalog to the Core Process team mailing list.
Weber, John Bosak, and Mary Kay have shown an interest.
   The issue of how do we work with the domain groups was raise
issue).  Since Lisa has raised awareness within the Core Process team,
domain groups should be aware of the Catalog.  We should send an email
solicit input.
   Next steps:
   + Need to assign unique identifier to each process
   + Need to identify the actions and documents associated with each
   + Need a breif description of each process
   We discussed sending the document to QA.  It was agreed that we would
do this.  Instead we would just present the list at Tokyo.

Manage Purchase Order Business Process Specification
   We need to finish an example Business Process Specification.  Jim has
Rose/UML model for this.  He will work with Brian and Dave to a) create
Business Process Specification and b) help insure that the model answers
questions in the Guidelines.

   Ideas for ebXML Tokyo:
   + Metamodel Overview - Jim will be doing a lunch-and-learn session
   + Workshops
     - Develop a Core Process Specfication
   + Metamodel Example Walkthru
   + Work with domain groups.

Working With Domain Groups
   It is well recognized that we need to further address our
with the Core Components Industry Domain Groups.  We have not been able
work with all the groups as we have been busy with other ebXML
and, of course, our paying jobs.  Furthermore, the number of active
participants in our team limits our ability to support all the domain
at this time.  However, we have done a good job with the Manufacturing
Materials Management Core Components Industry Domain group.  The efforts
resulted in the Metamodel example developed by Sig Handelman, Jim Clark
Bob Haugen.
   Training members of the Domain Groups in the Methodology is more
effective than providing the Domain Groups with Core Process team
members to
do the analysis work.  Otherwise, the Core Process team members/analysts
will become too involved with the individual Domain Groups.  Having the
Domain Groups apply the Methodology also provide an opportunity to get
   Note that as the Domain Groups develop models they will specify
processes that will result in business documents that are built from
   We need to help integrate and harmonize the core components
with the ebXML Methodology being developed by our team.  Tokyo will
a good opportunity to do this.

Next Week Agenda
+ Plan to Tokyo
+ Review Guidelines

New Activities
+ Send email to greater ebXML to solicit feedback on Catalog of Core
Processes. Nita
+ All team members to provide core process descriptions to Nita.
+ Manage Purchase Order Business Process Specification. Jim, Brian,



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