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Subject: ebXML Core Process Team - Tokyo Status, Next Teleconference, E-Li st

Dear ebXML Core Process Team members,

Tokyo Status
1. Catalog of Core Processes
2. Guidelines and Templates for Business Process Specification Methodology
3. Face-to-Face Meetings

     I would like to thank everyone who participated in the ebXML Core
Process team at ebXML Tokyo:
Alice Aguemon, Stephan de Jong, CP Liang, David Welsh, Dongjin Kim, Edwin
Young, Frank Lin, Hideki Ichihara, Hyong Do Kim, Jisook Park, Michelle
Irwin, Pat Toufar, Sally Wang, Sheng-di Liang, Yang Liu, and Brian Hayes.
     I apologize if I have left anyone off of this list.  I would also like
to thank Nita Sharma for participating via phone calls with David and Edwin.
Thanks to to Henrik Reiche for his list of Insurance related business
processes. Thanks to Pat, Peter, and Mary Kay for input on the Materials
Management business process specification. I certainly appreciate everyone's
contributions and look forward to your continued involvement.

1. Catalog of Core Processes
     There was discussion regarding the definition "core process."  It was
felt by some that we were listing out common business processes instead of
identifying fudamental processes that could be used to build/define the
common business processes.  Thus, for the duration of the conference we
dropped the term Core Process when we referring to the catalog.  "List of
Business Processes" and "Common Business Processes" seemed to be acceptable
     I believe we will need to officially resolve this name issue with the
rest of ebXML (at least the Core Components team).  Based on the discussions
in Tokyo, it appears that we can go forward with a list (or catalog or
dictionary) of common business processes.  I'm not sure that we need to
identify core processes; but, we should discuss this in our teleconferences
and via e-mail.

2. Guidelines and Templates for Business Process Specification Methodology
     After attempting to improve the pre-Tokyo Guidelines and Template, we
had some great discussion about what were attempting to do.  David did a
great job of representing the business side of the analysis process and
there was plenty of discussion.  We took a look at the latest UN/CEFACT
Modeling Methodology (UMM, a.k.a. TMWG N090) and found that the BP Metamodel
was merged into the document.  The Guidelines document was trying to
instruct users on how to apply the UMM to the BP Metamodel.  We agreed to
stop work on the current Guidelines document.
    In place of the Guidelines document we will be trying a different
approach.  We agreed to develop a worksheet based approach for identifying
and discovering business processes.  "The ebXML Business Process Worksheets
are a set of business process design aids, to be used with the UMM as a
reference, to sufficiently reflect all necessary parts of a business process
towards the ebXML metamodel; and thus be able to activate an ebXML business
process relationship."
    One of our goals is to have a proof-of-concept of this worksheet based
approach for the Vancouver ebXML.  Nita and David will be working on this.

3.  Face-to-Face Meetings
     We planned the following face-to-face meetings.  Specific dates and
places to be finalized during the upcoming teleconference calls.
     2nd week (or 3rd week) January 2001 - Paris, France
     - The goal is to finalize as much work as we can to get it into the
review cycle.  We would like to spend more time working with the other teams
at the Vancouver ebXML conference rather than spending time working on our
     7th, 8th, 9th of February 2001 - Seattle, Washington, USA.
     - ebXML Vancouver starts 12th of February.  This meeting will give us
time to incorporate any feedback to our deliverables and to prepare for
Vancouver.  X12 and Nordstrom have volunteered meeting rooms.

Next Teleconferences
     We agreed to have teleconferences at different times to accomodate
everyones schedule.  Given that our timezones include GMT-8, GMT-6, GMT-5,
GMT, GMT+1, GMT+8, and GTM+9, this will be challenging.  After doing a
spreadsheet of the times, I think we may be able to have just two schedules
instead of three.  I tried to maximize participation where the starting
times were between 7am and 5pm.
     Here's the proposal, and you can let me know what you think:
*	Meeting Time A: 3:00 PM (15:00) GMT (7AM PST and 11PM in Tapei)
*	Meeting Time B: 11:00PM (23:00) GMT (3PM PST and 7AM in Tapei). 
    We can adjust the times depending on participation and people's
willingness to call in late at night or earlier in the morning.  Also, we
can create sub-teams with different teleconference times.

Next Teleconference:
 CALL DATE:         NOV-22-2000  (Wednesday)
 DURATION:              1 hr 30 min
 USA Toll Free Number: 888-485-5306
 USA Toll Number: +1-712-257-3171
 PASSCODE: 58764
 LEADER:            Mr Brian Hayes
I have arranged for 10 USA domestic lines and 5 international/tool lines.

E-Mail List
    The team uses the ebxml-ccbp-analysis e-mail list for announcing
teleconferences, announcing updates to documents, and for discussion.
Please join the mailing list.  The instructions are as follows:
     Send email to ebxml-ccbp-analysis-request@lists.ebxml.org with the word
"subscribe" on a line by itself in the body of the message.

By default the email address that will be subscribed is selected from the
first of the following message header fields with a value: REPLY-TO, FROM,
or SENDER.  To subscribe an alternate address, or the address of a third
party, include it on the line after "subscribe". Any valid email address may
be specified, e.g.: 
   subscribe Your Name <your_login@your.domain.top>

For further directions on the ebXML e-mail list server, see

The archives for the e-mail list are at

Brian Hayes

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