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Subject: Posted: ebXML - Business Process Identifier Naming Scheme

-----Original Message-----
From: Nieman, Scott [mailto:Scott.Nieman@NorstanConsulting.com] 
Sent: Thursday, January 11, 2001 2:28 PM
To: Hayes, Brian
Cc: 'ebxml-regrep@lists.ebxml.org'
Subject: RE: ebXML - Business Process Identifier Naming Scheme

I am posting this to the entire team via the list.  Looking at the
information proposed, here is the mapping I see, verifying your scheme will
work.  I will shorten the Business Process Identifier Naming Scheme to
BPINS. If I am mistaken, I am sure others will correct me. 

BPINS                 RIM
bpid                  ExtrinsicObject.objectType = PROCESS (enum to be
assigned later)
agency                Organization.name
agencyid              Organization.uuid
business-process-name ExtrinsicObject.name
major-version-number  ExtrinsicObject.majorVersion
minor-version-number  ExtrinsicObject.minorVersion

An ExtrinsicObject is a special type of ManagedObject (one that goes through
a defined life cycle); the extrinsic object is not required for the core
operation of a registry.   An Organization is opposite -- defined as an
IntrinsicObject; it is core to the functions of the registry.

Agreed on the guidelines for what is major and minor; we use integers for
the type and are RA policy defined.  There was discussion regarding SO
defined version identifiers, but at this time, version is defined by the
registry via the life cycle process.

We included other attributes --- perhaps the URI to the actual process
specification would enhance your scheme. 
Best regards,


-----Original Message-----
From: Hayes, Brian
To: 'scott.nieman@norstanconsulting.com'
Sent: 1/11/01 2:18 PM
Subject: ebXML - Business Process Identifier Naming Scheme


At ebXML Tokyo the Common Business Process Team (formerly the Core
Team) came up with a proposal for a business process identifier naming
scheme.  I understand that I need to have this reviewed and approved by
RegRep team.

Who should can I work with on the RegRep team with respect to this?

Brian Hayes
ebXML Common Business Process Team


The identifiers are used to identify business processes specifications.
Presumably the specifications would be stored in some ebXML compliant
registry or repository and the business process identifiers will be used
uniquely identify the specifications.  The identifiers may also be used
trading partner agreements and in messsage headers.

The identifiers need to be globally unique.  It would be nice if they
somewhat readable.

Proposed naming scheme/format:


   bpid - The string "bpid" indicates that the identifier is a busines
process identifier. (There will likely be other items identified in the
Business Process Collaboration Metamodel that will need identifiers.
example, Business Transactions).
   <agency> - The identifier or name of the agency that owns the
For example, DUNS and EAN.
   <agency-id> - The identifer of the organization that is owning the
business process.
   <business-process-name> - The name of the business process or a
non-descriptive identifier.  A descriptive name is recommended but not
required.     It is recommended that the descrriptive name be in
The business-process-name must not contain spaces, periods, colons, or
dollar signs.  The organization that owns the business process is
responsible for insuring that the business process names are unique to
   <major-version-number> - The major version number of the business
   <minor-version-number> - The minor version number of the business
specification.  (We will need to have guidelines that define the
between a minor version and a major version)

   The <agency>:<agency-id> scheme will need to allow for organizations
do not have identifiers assigned by some outside agency.

bpid examples:


Brian Hayes
Document Engineering. Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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