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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML CBP - Seattle x12/EWG & F2F - Are You Attending?

The Common Business Process team will be meeting in Seattle, Washington, USA
prior to the ebXML Vancouver meeting.

RSVP: I need to know if you plan to attend ASAP!  Let me know by Monday,
January 29th, if you will be attending.  Send the following information:
	X12 Member?:

Meeting Agendas
+ X12/EWG
   Wednesday and Thursday. February 7 and 8.
   + ebXML Common Business Process Team overiew
	+ Catalog of Business Processes
	+ Business Process Editor/Worksheets
   + Continue development of Catalog of Business Processes
	+ get input from X12/EWG memebers
+ Common Business Process Team
  Friday. February 9.
  + Last minute prepararations for ebXML Vancouver

Locations in Seattle to be announced.

Be prepared to work if you attend these meetings!

Fees: There is no fee for attending the X12/EWG meeting on Wednesday and
Thursday for our team members, whether or not you or company are X12
members.  However, if you will be attending the X12/EWG meeting on any other
days, you will need to pay the fee.  There is no fee for Friday.

Brian Hayes
Document Engineering. Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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