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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML CBP Attendees at Seattle x12/EWG/ebXML Meeting

Mary Kay,

Here's the list that you requested for the ebXML Common Business Process
team folks attending Wed and Thur of the Seattle X12/EWG meeting.

Below is the list of ebXML CBP team people who have volunteered to help out
at the X12/EWG meeting Wednesday, February 7th, and Thursday, February 8th.
For those of you who have not provided your X12 Membership (yes/no)
information, please let me know ASAP.  Mary Kay, our X12 sponsor, has
requested this info.

Location and hotel information can be found at
http://www.x12.org/x12org/international/index.html?jtmeeting.htm.  You do
not need to register unless you are attending the X12 conference for other

Agenda information will be in the meeting notes from today's CBP
teleconference (hopefully to be sent out today). 

If you are so inclined, this may be a good opportunity to wear your ebXML
hat from Tokyo!

Just a reminder: this is a working session; if you wish to only "listen and
learn," attend ebXML Vancouver the following week. 

Alice Aguemon, 
	aaguemon@gencod-ean.fr, GENCOD EAN FRANCE, X12 Member?:NO
Stephan de Jong
	stephan.de.jong@philips.com, Philips, X12 Member: Don't Know
Sharon Kadlec
	Sharon.Kadlec@NWA.COM, Northwest Airlines, Inc., X12 Member: (Sharon
	Unclear if Sharon plans to attend on Tuesday
Beth Grossman
	bgrossman@acord.org, ACORD, X12 Member: yes
Karsten Riemer
	Karsten.Riemer@East.Sun.COM, Sun, X12 Member: Yes
Pat Toufar
	PatT@FUTURE3.com, Synapz, Future Three, X12 Member: No
David Welsh
	David.Welsh@nordstrom.com, Nordstrom.com, X12 Member: ?
Theresa Yee
	TYEE@lmi.org, LMI Logistics Management Institute, X12 Member: ?
John Yunker
	johny@edifecs.com, Edifecs, X12 Member?: ?

Related to ebXML CBP efforts and attending beyond Wed and Thur
Jim Clark
	jdc-icot@lcc.net, , X12 Member: Yes (through PITG Process
Integration Task Group)
	Will be attending all week per PITG
Paul R. Levine
	plevine@telcordia.com, Tecordia, X12 Member: ?

Brian Hayes
Document Engineering. Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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