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Subject: RE: Doc 2 of 4: BP Worksheets and Gudielines

Charlie Fineman:
>Question though, this prose that you suggested... are you proposing that for
>inclusion in the worksheets document? I don't have an opinion as yet.....
>just trying to decide if I should have one or not right now :-)

I think Dave and I are experimenting with prose, nothing finished yet.
This is the "proposal" phase of negotiation - it's not binding.
Disregard it for the worksheet doc until there's at least an offer
on the table - which probably means, not ready for this round.
At least I haven't written anything I am really happy with yet.

My current attempt at something binding was to eliminate 
the words "message-based" as a characterization of ebXML 
business processes.

-Bob Haugen

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