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Subject: FW: Vienna PoC

-----Original Message-----
From: Hayes, Brian 
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2001 5:05 AM
To: Paul R. Levine; Marcia McLure (E-mail); Bob Glushko (E-mail)
Subject: Vienna PoC

At XML One London, I talked to Dimitri Cherkassky (Commerce One) about the
Vienna PoC.  It seems that the PoC team may be on board with an end-to-end
PoC that includes BP concepts.  He mentioned that the PoC team is being
chaired or co-chaired by Sid (?) from Netfish (this is important since we
would probably like to use the Netfish BP Editor).

Providing my management will let me (which may involve changing managers to
do this :^), I would be interested in helping coordinate.  I would think
that it would be important to Commerce One to be involved in the BP aspect
of the PoC along with the transport aspect (with the involvement Dimitri).
After all, interoperability occurs at many levels!

The PoC aspects that I story-boarded with Dimitri goes like this:
1. Two organizations (okay, two people) on seperate laptops create business
process specifications and document specifications.  One team uses the forms
based BP Editor from Netfish and the other uses a UML tool from MEGA.  These
tools tie into (or have the appearance of) a central registry containing a
Busienss Library (of reusable business processes, busienss information
objects, and the Core Library) and a Trading Partner Registry (of CPPs).
2. Next is the trading partner discovery phase where two companies review
each other's CPPs in the Trading Partner Registry.
3. Next is CPA negotiation phase using the Negotiation pattern from the
E-Commerce and Simple Negotiation Patterns document
4. Next is do business -- exchange documents -- what ever that might be.

Possible Bonus:
5. Have a central Business Process Manager (unfortunately out of scope for
ebXML), monitor the transactions against the agreed upon CPA and business


19 March Meeting notes:
	Paul Levine mentioned an email message from the PoC PT requesting BP
support for the Vienna PoC.  The following questions were asked:
	 What would be the best way to proceed?
	 How close are the specifications to completion?
	 Provide a picture of what would be useful to show at a PoC demo
that would help participating organizations estimate their involvement.
	 Who is available to help coordinate BP's involvement with the PoC
	It was agreed that the Vienna PoC should demonstrate end-to-end
ebXML functionality, utilizing all of the technical specifications,
especially relevant BP and CC specs.  Material has been previously prepared
and submitted to the PoC PT, but was not used.  We need to discuss what
further work is needed to put a payload in place in the Vienna PoC.

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