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Subject: ebXML-Analysis Team Conference Report - April 11

ebXML-Analysis Team Conference Report
April 11

Attendees: Jamie Clark, Charlie Fineman, Bob Haugen, Brian Hayes, Larissa
Leybovich, Marcia McLure, Nita Sharma, David Welsh

+ BP Document Status
+ Vienna PoC

BP Document Status
+ UMM/N090
==> Issue: We need to find out from the TMWG what version that we should be
using.  Contact Paul and Jim.  
   Paul: Latest version is 9.1.  Brian should post this to the JDT Resources
page.  Reflects comments from Colin Clark, Brian Hayes, and model updates
from Jim Clark.  Colin's and Jim's changes are primarily in the area of BLM.
   The TMWG is committed to have a CD-ROM version in the second quarter.
==> If it will take too much effort to move to version 9.1 then we should
stay with version 8E.  However, then there will certainly be issues with the
Specification Schema as it may be better aligned with version 9.0 (and thus
9.1) per Metamodel changes made by Jim Clark.

==> Issue: We need one and only one Metamodel.  There is an issue with the
BP Specification Schema and how the BP Specification Schema is viewed or not
viewed as a Metamodel.
   ==> Policy statement: The BP Specificaiton Schema needs to be compatible
with the UMM Metamodel.
   Also, it is expected that one would never use the Specificaiton Schema
UML based model for modeling business processes/collaborations/transactions.
The Specification Schema is designed for run-time XML expression of business
collaborations and transactions.

+ Analysis Overview
   Proposed text (draft) for the assumption section is:
   - Point 1: We are assuming that we are conforming the the UMM Metamodel
Version #.# ... with the following TBD additions to be provided in the next
version of the Metamodel. 
   - Point 2: We are assuming that the BP Specification Schema will be
brought into conformance with the UMM Metamodel Version specificified above.

+ Worksheets
   The line numbers of the QRT comments don't seem to align with the
official version of the document -- this is making it challenging to respond
to the comments.
   QRT raised the issue of Specification Schema compliant worksheets.  The
Worksheets are based on UMM TMWGN0908E.  What is are statement on the Spec
   Perhaps, someone, such as Jim Clark :^), could review the Worksheets to
see if they are alignment with the latest UMM Metamodel.
   In worse case we make sure that the Worksheets document states that they
are for illustrative purposes only and that they are based on TMWG N0908E
(and that there are no problems with this).

+ Catalog
   Discussed comments.

Vienna PoC
   Suggestion - let software due the transaction level and let humans handle
the collaboration level.
   We should touch base with Sig.  We need to be aligned before the 15th.
   Nita and Brian to discuss details of the BP aspects of the PoC Thurs,
April 12th, 8:30 AM PST (to end by 11:00 AM).  If you are interesting in
participating contact Brian or Nita.  We will be discussing the details of
the project plan, dependencies, expectations, etc.

Brian Hayes
Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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