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ebxml-ccbp-analysis message

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Subject: ebXML-Analysis Report April 25th and May 2nd Announcement

Attendees: Jim Clark, James Bryce Clark, Randy Clark, Bob Haugen, Brian
Hayes, Larissa Leybovich, Paul Levine, Marcia McLure, Karsten Riemer, Nita
Sharma, David Welsh.

+ Documents
	Brian Hayes to place on the 25 Apr. Analysis/Methodology meeting
agenda a proposal to have a preface added to the Business Process and
Business Information Analysis Overview [bpOVER] and Business Process
Analysis Worksheet and Guidelines [BPWS] that states the intent of the
documents, i.e., relation to both the ebBPSS and UMM, and explains that
certain aspects are 'work in progress' to be continued, e.g., tool support.
+ TA Specfication Recommendations
+ Vienna PoC
+ Next Meeting


+ Analysis Overview
  Randy is going through the 300-400 comments.
  Going forward, need to resolve position with respect to relationship to
UMM and ebBPSS.

+ Patterns Document
  18 comments have been logged and sent to list with suggested dispositions.
A revised version of the document to sent to the ebxml-ccbp-analysis list

+ Catalog of Common Business Processes
  Some table changes have been made.

+ Worksheets
  Has Charlie gotten replies to his comments?  The worksheets for the Vienna
PoC recommend some changes to the Worksheets document.  Will these be

TA Specfication Recommendations

The steering committee has agreed that if we can submit our proposed changes
by Monday then they are likely to be aggreed upon to be voted upon in

From Karsten:
1. Everywhere in the document change "ebXML Business Process and Information
Metamodel" to one of the following dependent on context of each occurrence:
+ UMM eBusiness Process Metamodel
+ UMM Business Process and Information Model
+ ebXML Business Process Specification

2. Everywhere where 'Business Process' refers to the document specifying it,
state explicitly ebXML Business Process Specification.

3. State that UMM is not Mandatory but Recommended
   3.a. Using a modeling methodology is optional, and even if you chose to
model, UMM is still optional
   3.b. The only metamodel that is mandatory for BP is the BPSS and it is a
logical subset of the UMM Metamodel.
   In the long run (as things are worked out by the TMWG and ebXML), it is
fully expected that the models stored in the registries/repositories be
fully conformant to the semantics defined by the UMM Metamodel and other
semantics defined in the UMM.

4. Separate out the ebXML architecture diagram from section 6, so it doesn't
look like it is part of a recommended methodology. Section 6 is not
something you can take or leave, there is nothing optional about it (except
the top box in figure 4 - BPIM)

5. Amend figure 4 to show BPSS explicitly. This could be three boxes
(UMM)-BPIM->ModelConversion to XML-->BusinessProcessSpecification.

6. Section title changes...

Vienna PoC
+ Lunch and Learn will be Tuesday for BP details relative to PoC.
+ BP Model - Dave is working on the Drop-Ship scenario.  However, latest PoC
shows the "NetMarket" scenario.  We will deliver Drop-Ship per agreements
last week (or week before).

May 2nd Conference Announcement
Time: 8:00 AM PST
Duration: 2:00 Hours

 Toll Free Number: 877-939-5307
 USA Toll Number: +1-712-237-3264
 LEADER:            Mr Brian Hayes

Brian Hayes
Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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