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Subject: ebXML Analysis Conference Report - May 2nd

Date: 2nd May
Time: 8:00 AM PST

Attendees: Randy Clark, Jamie Bryce Clark, Brian Hayes, Bob Haugen, Larissa
Leybovich, Marcia McLure, Karsten Riemer, Nita Sharma.

*	Planning for "How Business Process Enables ebXML" Lunch and Learn in
Vienna, Tuesday
*	BP at PoC
*	bpWS - Worksheets - QRT Response
*	Thursday Meeting - 12:00 Noon PST

Presentation Goals
+ L&L (Lunch & Learn) provides business process background for PoC
  - The BP is a key concept for the PoC

"How Business Process Enables ebXML" Lunch and Learn
+ Suggested flow: Methodology, worksheets, tools, specification schema, to
run-time result
  - Nita will provide some bullet points
+ Business Collaboration Overview (Karsten's bubble diagram from Vancouver)
+ Present BP deliverables
  - 1 or 2 slides on each deliverable OR
  ** Walk through an example and tie into each deliverable
  - Assignements - the primary editor or other editor will be responsible
    - bpOVER - Brian.  Randy will not be able to attend Vienna but will help
do editing.
    - bpWS - Charlie or Brian?  Will be Charlie be there?
    - bpPROC - Nita or Dave - Nita and Dave will be in Vienna
    - ebBPSS - Karsten
+ Present the PoC business scenario
  - Use the BP Editor (Nita) and BP Modeling Tool (Antoine) to show this.
+ Present
  - Transaction predictability (the bp specs have timing information)
  - Suggestion: Show by example or in PowerPoint, how transaction logs and
other information (e.g. CPA and a business process specification) can be
used as evidence to prove that a business transaction satisfies a
contractual agreement.  See Jamie for help.
  - The above two items provide an advantage over EDI
  - There may be some other items from XML One London slides.

Issue: How much time for L&L? 
==> 1 hour.

BP at PoC
(thanks to Karsten for emailing this in)
10-15 Minute Intro covering BP
Presentation Goals
1. Emphasize the value proposition of BP modeling and the BPSS
   1.a. ebXML is not just transport, ebXML is a big step forward from EDI,
   1.b. BP/CC provide business interoperability to go with the technical
   1.c. Tie back to Tuesday Lunch and Learn
2. Provide BPSS architectural preview to demo of BP Tools (design)
3. Provide preview of the BP linkage to CPP/CPA (configuration)
4. Highlight the BP aspects of the actual (execution time) demo, i.e. ensure
that audience sees the demo with BP in mind.
5. Value of BP documents

Main points within each goal:

1. Business Process and Information Modeling is key to business
interoperability (Legal, Economic/Financial consequences, Transactional
integrity, Software executability) Key points: UMM, Classification/Context,
Catalog of Common Processes, REA, Worksheets, Collaboration and Transaction
Patterns. 2. BPSS is the actual ebXML XML specification, consists of
Multi/Binary/Transaction/Document Key points: Precise Transaction semantics,
Machine interpretability, Choreography, Re-use. 3. BPSS ties to CPP/CPA via
role. Key points: Transaction parameters, Channel Selection Parameters,
Service Binding 4. By using the BP tool demos, show some of the binary
collaborations, and the transactions that audience will see played out. Key
points: What you see executing is not just message exchanges, it is
transactions.  We have a 'commercial transaction', we have distribution, we
have request/response. We have two multi trx binary collaborations, with
choreography. What you will see is BSI software (primitive at this point)
that executes transactions and choreography.

bpWS - Worksheets - QRT Response
+ The QRT Response needs to be turned in by this weekend

+ Look at the Core Components archives -- there's been good discussion about
our Catalog of Common Business Process! Great work Team!

+ Try to meet on Sunday to work on L&L presentation
+ Monday work on L&L presentation
+ Meet with TP team (contact Marty Sachs).  Perhaps meet on Wed.

To Do
-> Vienna Particpants: Please email in your itenary if you will be helping
out with the Vienna L&L and PoC planning and presentation.
-> Brian: Scedule BP-TP meeting team with Marty Sachs.  Perhaps meet on Wed.
-> Brian: Find out who will be representing our documents at ebXML.
-> Brian: Determine when and where we will meet on Sunday in Vienna --
announce call in information.  Let's try to meet where the PoC is meeting
and if possible where the Steering Committee is meeting.

Brian Hayes
Commerce One. +1 (925) 520-4498

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