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Subject: Minutes from MetaModel meeting today

Minutes of BP/CC Metamodel team 9/5/2000:


    Status on example from Jim Clark and follow up by Bob, Scott, and CC team.
    Status on creation of Edifecs based .mdl for process (BOV layer), REA, and
Business Service Interface (FSV layer).
    Review of comments received on Edifecs model so far.
    Discussion on how best to add what TPA needs, and what CC team needs, and
what is needed for registration and discovery.
    Time table and responsibilities for the 5 deliverables identified last

Bob Haugen
Paul Levine
Bill McCarthy
Jim Clark
Lisa Shreve
Scott Hinkelman
Antoine Lonjon
Brian Hayes
Karsten Riemer
? Barton

Next meeting:
       Same time: Tuesday 9/14, 9 am pst/ 12 pm est
     Same call in info: Dial-in is 
      888-699-0348 domestic followed by a PIN to be announced  
      +1 732-336-6000 international, followed by a to be announced 
Decided to cut over to new list for distribution: 
So everyone who is interest should subscribe to that list by sending e-mail to 
ebxml-ccbp-context-request@lists.ebxml.org with word subscribe in body.
For this mail and anything we send out this week, I would recommend sending to 
the people copied on this mail, as well as the list just mentioned.
Then starting next week we use only the new list.

Status on example:
Jim will send one or two simple examples later this week.
Jim and Bob will use those to validate inclusion of REA model.
Scott will use those to try out mapping to TPA.
We decided to use the automotive example that has been circulated at ebXML 
earlier as the basis for POC in Tokyo.
On 9/20 there will be an AIAG meeting to work on the automotive example . So 
before that meeting we must have given Lisa and Bob clear definitions of the 
part of the model that we expect them to populate with the example.
And by 9/30 they in turn will give us back a first draft of the example.

Status on .mdl:
Jim is almost done separating the ebXML relevant pieces of his current .mdl from 
pieces that reflect other work in progress. He feels like by the end of today he 
will be able to send out the new starting point for the ebXML metamodel.
Karsten voiced concern that not all layers of edifecs model are required for 
ebXML, or rather that there need to be two separate parts of the ebXML 
1. one that supports what needs to be registered in the Repository
2. one that supports the methodology by which one arrives at what gets 
What Jim will send out initially will contain all layers of the edifecs model.
The metamodel group will read this before next meeting, and we will discuss how 
to separate 1. and 2. above.

Discussion on issues/comments received:
We have a set of comments from Martin Bryan. Martin was not on the call, so we 
deferred that discussion.
Scott and Antoine both stated that although the Edifecs document is complete and 
well structured, it appears to go beyond the current scope of ebXML. This 
relates again to the discussion of BOV&FSV layers vs. BOM/BRV layers.

Discussion on how to add TPA, CC, patterns, and discovery:

The TPA will not be included in what Jim sends out. Scott will add in the UML 
for TPA and redistribute as a first draft of TPA alignment.

Core components team has three known parts that need integration: 
a. Core Component Methodology metamodel from Hisanao (attached below)
b. Context driver matrix as developed in San Jose
c. Original information model 'corner' of metamodel as per San Jose.
Lisa Shreve will ask Sharon if there are more pieces to the CC metamodel puzzle.
Lisa stated that she sees this meeting (BP/CC metamodel team) as the place where 
the CC metamodel gets defined.

Discovery: Jim stated that Edifecs model has some elements of how to search 
domains, but not directly stated as discovery. Some of this is in the BOM layer.
Brian Hayes had left the call, so he couldn't avoid being volunteered to look at 
what is needed for market/party/service discovery :-)

Patterns: This work will initially happen in the Methodology (Analysis) track of 
BP/CC delivery team. Jim has already given the CommercialTransaction patterns to 
the n90 team, so you can review it in the n90 document. We all need to think of 
how to specify business collaboration patterns, and of how these patterns will 
be specified against the metamodel.

Discussion on XML mapping:
Jim stated that we should aim to be MOF compliant.
Karsten stated that there must be an XML representation that is easily parsed 
and 'traversed' using standard XML based tools.
Antoine volunteered to take a first stab of translating what Jim will send out 
(.mdl, and examples) to XML.

Deliverables and times and responsibilities:
We mapped the 6 deliverables from last week, to the current list of delivery 
team milestones:
  1.   An overall metamodel for all of ebXML - covered under 9/30 new MM version
  2.  A model specification for that metamodel (similar to the edifecs
     metamodel document) - covered under 9/30 new MM version
  3.   A UML profile for that metamodel - covered under 9/30 UML mapping
  4.   An XML mapping for that metamodel - not covered, need new deliverable 
  5.  A set of patterns to promote consistency in implementation - Included on 
Analysis team deliverables?
  6.   A top to bottom example - Could be covered by vertical team deliverables?
Other deliverables:
  POC proposal by 9/15, sent out last week.
  Context matrix by 8/15, created as San Jose
  Contexts into metamodel 8/30 - we missed that one
Lisa and Paul will take this to steering committee tomorrow.

Items for next week's agenda:
Discussion of scope and layers.
Clarification of model elements needed for AIAG example meeting 9/20
Review of Scott's merging in of TPA
Review of CC team's metamodel (three pieces mentioned above, + whatever they 
bring to us before or at next meeting).

see you next Tuesday,


Karsten Riemer,
Director, Information Architecture,
Enterprise Management Architecture Group
Sun Microsystems Inc.,
MailStop UBUR03-313
1 Network Drive,
Burlington, MA 01803-0903

ph. 781-442-2679
fax 781-442-1599
e-mail karsten.riemer@sun.com

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