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Subject: re: Unification of Classification Systems WAS: Comments on ebXML Cor e Components forms

Message text written by Brian Hayes
Requiring the use of standardized code lists is great for new
services/applications; they are problematic for legacy applications. 

Allowing code lists/agencies to be specified with the code has the
of not requiring that application level services that generate documents be
forced to use (or map to) the "standard" code list.  Unfortunately, it does
burden the service that receives and processes documents with the need to
understanding multiple code lists. Of course, trading partners can agree to
only use certain code lists.


Yes - new implementors will have to do both - implement new codes, 
and map to legacy.  Simple conversion lists look possible, but are by
no means problem free.

However - this whole area of service/product classification is one 
that's been left to politicians before (never a good idea!) i.e. US NAICS

Really the internet is driving the need here, so alot of this is new data.

I really do not see any good answer here - expect to grasp the thorn - 
becuase short term fixes leave long term bigger problems.


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