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Subject: RE: Unification of Classification Systems WAS: Comments on ebXML Cor e Components forms


Errh, you argued around yourself, like one foot was stuck to the floor
on this!

You made several conflicting conclusions - I liked all of them!

Anyway - I think we are in consensus -

1) plagurize whereever possible,
2) legislate and duck the work where we can,

 and then if we're really backed into a corner, 

3) spawn off someone else to do the work, 

so we don't get distracted from core directions and the essential
elements that have to be surrounded and conquered.

I think the Germans used to call this 'Blitzkrieg'!

It is important to put some of these items into the right boxes as we go 
however.  Certainly the Coordination WG should be picking up
these gaps.  So classification systems selection is definately
one of these headings.  Sometimes you just have to make tough

Thanks, DW.

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