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Subject: Technical Architecture Specification Version 0.6

This is in reference to the document posted for comment at:


It is described on the web page as "Technical Architecture Specification 
Version 0.6", with file name "TechSpechv0-6.pdf", but it is identified on 
the first page as "Draft v 0.6.5".

It is very similar to the previously posted TA spec which was identified on 
the first page as "Draft v 0.6", although the differences indicate that the 
0.6.5 version is indeed a slightly later revision. For example, the 
previous 0.6 has several "editorial notes" under figure 1.0 which have been 
reflected in the current version in a new "legend" and an additional 
paragraph under figure 1.0.

However, the previous version was posted with the line numbers included in 
the PDF file, whereas the 0.6.5 version has no line numbers.

The official format for comments (on the same web page as referenced above) 
"To comment on any of the drafts below, please use the following format for 
each comment:
1. Line Range the comment is against
--- <snip> ---"

Obviously, comments could be handled in a much more efficient manner if the 
line numbers were available. Since the first comment period closes in less 
than a week (7/17), is there any chance that a line-numbered version of the 
document will be posted before then?

And, while we're at it, it would also make it a bit easier on everyone if 
the description, the file name, and the internal identifier were more 
consistent as a specific version. (e.g., 0.6.5?).

Thanks for your consideration,
Joe Baran

Joseph Baran
474 North Centre St.
P.O. Box 1010
Pottsville, PA 17901-7010

E-mail:	mailto:joebaran@extol.com

Direct:	570.621.7814
Voice:	570.628.5500
Fax:	570.628.6983
Web:	http://www.extol.com

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