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Subject: Fw: Input for the ebXML Project page on the website

I am not sure you ever received this...but since the website wasn't updated, I'll try again...
----- Original Message -----
From: Dick Raman
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2000 10:09 PM
Subject: Input for the ebXML Project page on the website

Dear All,

Attached is the page I made for our website.  Since we did not publish much
I stuck to the presentation we gave in Brussels...please feel free to
comment.  When we OK the page tomorrow in the Conference Call you can put it
on the site Nagwa...
'See' you tomorrow!


Title: Technical Coordination and Support



Project Team Lead: Dick Raman - TIE
Co-Chair: Bob Glushko - Commerce One
Editor: Toufic Boubez - IBM


Nagwa Abdelghfour - Sun
Joseph Baran - Extol
Karl Best - OASIS
David Connelly
Clive Darling - TIE
Tim McGrath - Tedis
David Webber - XML Global


  • Consistency of Project Team technical output
    • Identify/advise on Boundary Issues
    • Release plan
    • ebXML glossary
  • Research XML initiatives/technologies
  • Program Coordination
    • Scenario plan => Demo plan
    • Quarterly Technical Orientation

Joining this project team and mailing list

Sign up for this project team and mailing list from the Join us! page. You can use this form even if you have already registered to participate in ebXML. Archives for all project team mailing lists are available at http://www.xml.org/archives/.




Please address questions or comments regarding this site to webmaster@eng.sun.com

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