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ebxml-coord message

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Subject: update

I have to apologise for disappearing for a long time. I'm sure Joe or Tim
has explained to you some of my issues. I had planned on being an active
participant in ebXML in general and this team in particular. As it turns
out, I am unhappy to say that I can't be as active as I had wanted to be.
On the other hand, I don't want to be just a nominal participant. For this
reason, I am going to withdraw and suggest that Tim take over as "official"
editor, since he's been doing such a great job in my absence. In addition,
one of the members of my team at IBM, Maryann Hondo, is going to take over
my position as ebXML coordinator for IBM. She's also going to participate
in this forum. By the way, she's one of our top security experts, so I hope
she can help also in that capacity. She's been already involved with the
TRP group for a while, so she's not a newcomer to ebXML. Again, let me
apologise for not being able to participate as much as I wanted to,
especially with such a great (and fun!) team. Thanks and take care.

  --  Toufic

Toufic I. Boubez, Ph.D.
Technologist, Emerging Technologies, XML and Java Strategy
boubez@us.ibm.com - office: (919) 254-2195 TL 444-2195 - pager: (888)

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