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Subject: TC&S Agenda for the week


The TC&S team has a lot of work to do..especially during this week...and we
have only a few people in our team.  We are seeking Data Modeling/UML
experts specifically and anyone who is prepared to put in his/her knowhow
and hard work.

The agenda will roughly be that on Monday we will concentrate on taking
inventory of the inconsistancies/gaps/overlaps we have found in the
documents so far...especially the Tech Arc. Doc in preparation for Tuesday's
On Tuesday we have the meeting with the Team Leads and we will spend the
rest of the day evaluating that meeting and getting on with the rest of our
This includes:

- The Glossary
- Program Coordination Issues
  (  Scenario plan/ Demo plan / Release Plan)
- Consistency of Project Team technical output
  (Work Plan / Documents Review )


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