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Subject: Messaging Service spec v0-2 posted to TRP list

To the QR team:

The TRP team has produced a new version (v0-2) of the Messaging Service 
spec. It apparently has changes reflecting all of the comments that have 
been accepted in their conference calls.

If you would like to download it, it is attached to the archived message 


Rik Drummond has posted a message to the TRP list asking for the TRP team 
to vote on this version by 11:59PM Wednesday PDT. Rik's message is at:


Presumably, if it passes, the next step would be for it to be posted "for 
review" by the QR team.

This means that it will NOT be officially forwarded to us prior to our next 
conference call tomorrow, but it probably will be officially forwarded to 
us later this week.

We could start to review it now, with the intention of discussing it during 
tomorrow's call, on the assumption that it will in fact be approved.

Any opinions, pro or con, on whether we should do that?

Joe Baran

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