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Subject: Re: Messaging Service spec v0-2 COMMENTS


Yes - you are right.  UTF-8 has been mandated by the Technical
Architecture group as minimal.  

ISO 8859-1 does not represent Kanji characters correctly as far as I

Duane Nickull

Jon Bosak wrote:
> [tmcgrath@tedis.com.au:]
> | * lines 211-215 and then 261-268  (charsets)
> |
> | Both claim to be "The charset attribute is used to identify the
> | character set used to create the message" and yet propose
> | different values.  i think it means the outer and inner encoding
> | methods but if so it should not use the same first sentence.
> The encoding method could use the iso-8859-1 default value of lines
> 213-215 or UTF-8 as recommended in 264-266.  It seems to me that
> we should mandate the latter.  Surely UTF-8 is the minimum level
> of internationalization for anything calling itself an XML tool.
> Jon

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