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Subject: Re: Minutes from meeting of 26th Sept. 2000


Thanks for the update.  FYI - Anders is really the TA Team lead.  He
should be the person this stuff goes to officially however,  please CC
me so I may stay in touch.

We are still in need of more specific examples for the TA document. 
Please forward it ASAP.



Tim McGrath wrote:
> ebXML Quality Review Group
>  minutes of Conference Call Sept 26, 2000
> Written by:  Tim McGrath, Sept 27, 2000
>  Present:
> Tim McGrath (Acting Chair), Murray Maloney, Jon Bosak, Nagwa
> Abdelghfour, Joe Baran
>  Apologies:
>  Agenda:
> 1. Welcome (please be on time...)
> 2. Technical Specifications:
> * documents submitted
> * documents in pipeline
> * protocol for reviews
> 3. Public documents or presentations with technical content
> 4. Technical content on the ebXML website
> 5. Any Other Business
> 6. Action plan
> 7. Next Meeting
>  Discussion:
> 1. Tim agreed to Chair the meeting.
> 2. Over the past week there have been several issues raised about the
> review of the TA Specification:
> a. Establishing that the correct version was reviewed
> Tim reported to the executive that it was indeed the latest version
> reviewed.
> b. The role of the QR review and the Executive in document submissions
> The Steering Committee have sought to clarify the review procedures.  No
> action required by the QR Team.
> c. Whether a TA Specification is a pre-requisite to others
> Specifications.
> The opinion of this Team is that the TA Specification is to be developed
> in parallel and will describe the other specifications.  As such, it is
> not a pre-requisite.
> d. Defining what an ‘Architecture’ specification should contain
> Duane has asked for examples to demonstrate a proper Architecture
> specification.  Joe commented that some members of the TA Team (Jeff
> Suttor) were developing a sample section.
> The Team agreed to post the background papers for the TA Spec. review to
> the QR webpage and notify interested parties.
> Joe reported that the TRP Team are moving ahead with the reliable
> messaging specification.  It was not yet clear if this was to part of
> the Message Service Specification or separate document.  The TRP Team
> are having a face-to-face meeting this week.  There is no definite
> timeframe for this document.
> Nagwa reported that RegRep are planning to have document for  voting at
> the Tokyo Plenary (6 weeks).  This means it should be submitted on the
> next week for QR.
> Tim reported that the BP/CC Delivery team have revised the metamodel
> document and used it to develop a Use Case based on the Automotive
> Industry.  This example will be submitted to the PoC Team for
> demonstration at the Tokyo plenary. It was agreed that the QR Process
> did not apply to the PoC examples.
> The formal 5-day review process applied only to material which will be
> put to a Plenary vote.
> Core Components intend to submit a revised Methodogy document to QR in
> the week prior to the Tokyo Plenary.
> The ebXML Glossary has not yet been submitted but be any day now.
> This schedule may mean at least one document per week up until the Tokyo
> Plenary.
> Action:
> Nagwa: Forward notes on the TA Specification review to Tim
> Tim: Publish to web page and advise Executive and Steering committee.
> 3. Murray reported on positive discussion with Simon Nicholson and
> Murray will be attending the MAE Teleconfernece next Tuesday to explain
> the QR processes for marketing deliverables.  This was defined as…
> a. The aim is to ensure a quality process has been followed.
> b. QR will not conduct a formal 5-day review
> c. The process will seek to ensure that the relevant Project Team
> responsible has approved the technical content.  The MAE Liaison’s
> (Murray’s) role is to steer the deliverable’s technical content and seek
> Project Team approval at appropriate stages.
> d. Final deliverables should be posted to the QR team and the MAE
> Liaison (Murray) 48 hours prior to public release.
> e. The MAE Liaison (Murray) will asess whether the technical content and
> can recommend public release or pass on the the QR team.  The QR Team
> will recommend public release or pass the material on the the Executive.
> f. If the MAE Team receive no reponse within 48 hours the document can
> be released.
> Murray also noted that the MAE Team are currently developing a White
> Paper which will need review very soon.
> Action:
> Murray: Review processes above and comment before presenting to the MAE
> Team.
> 4. Tim reported that James Carroll had offerred his services to assist
> with the web site management and that this had been added to the Team’s
> agenda.  Murray agreed to follow up with the MAE team.
> Action:
> Murray: follow up at MAE Team meeting.
> 5. a. Following an action item from 2 weeks ago, Tim reported that a
> Word template document is the format currently being applied to all
> technical specifications.  The Team expressed concern about the
> proprietary nature of this format and that the initiative should adopt
> the tools it preaches.  W3C publish technical specifications using the
> XML specs, DTDs and stylesheets available from Eve Maler.  However, they
> require at least all Team Editors to have appropriate tools (eg XMetal)
> to maintain the content.
> Action:
> Jon: check licensing and costs with SoftQuad (owners of XMetal). This is
> to form the basis of a submission to the Executive.
> Tim:  the Team Leader’s participation in teleconferences is to be
> scheduled for discussion at next meeting’s agenda.
> 6. Action Items as per each point
> 7. Murray and Tim have issues with the current timeslot and it was
> agreed to move to earlier in the day.  Therefore the next meeting will
> be on Tuesday 3rd October at 08:00 am Pacific Time.
> Call-In Number TBA
>                               Intern'l Call-In TBA
>                               Participant Code TBA
> End of document
> --
> regards
> tim mcgrath
> TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
> phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142
>   ------------------------------------------------------------------------
>                           Name: EbXML-QR-Sep-26.doc
>    EbXML-QR-Sep-26.doc    Type: WINWORD File (application/msword)
>                       Encoding: base64

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