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Subject: ebXML Whitepaper


Here is my reply to Ed Jolson on the ebXML whitepaper.
Due to Xmas holidays and missed emails, I was two weeks
behind in reviewing his request for review of the ebXML

Notwithstanding the Summary, this whitepaper has my blessing.




I think that it is safe to say that you are a GO!
I will pass this on to the QR team with my blessing,
assuming that you will make the three fixes below.

I think that you should check the page breaks throughout.
The Usage Example begins on page 6 and ends on page 7 --
try to make them fit, by editing text or images if necesary.

The Architectural overview begins on page 3, there's a page break, 
followed by some important lists. Please fix. Things like this
can affect the uptake of readers.

And then there is the Summary... From a Quality Review perspective, all 
I can suggest is that you fix the grammar of the first sentence --
"ebXML is a complete set of specifications that...
Therefore, I think that I can safely say that the document
is technically consistent and politically correct. Bravo!
From a QR perspective, I think that you can go ahead.

As a personal note, I think that the Summary is kinda weak. 
I'm sorry to be so blunt, but if this is as exciting as we can 
make ebXML, then we are in trouble. I hope that this wasn't 
a part that you slaved over. If you can improve its punch,
please don't hold back.

ebxml whitepaper2.doc


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