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Subject: RIM 0.55 distribution

In RIM 0.54 we had addressed several issues identified by the last QR
review of RIM 0.53. Several other excellent suggestion were not
addressed in RIM 0.54 when it was submitted to QR because of lack of
background information available.

Yesterday Nagwa from the QR team spent several hours with me to review
the comments on RIM 0.53 during the previous review cycle. I believe
This version 0.55 of RIM addresses all comments that Nagwa identified. I
am grateful for the QR team and Nagwa to take the time to give us the
background behind the remaining issues.

I humbly suggest that if possible the QR team take the 0.55 RIm version
for review instead of RIM 0.54. The new version is attached in 2
versions. One with change bars and one without. Tim Please let us know
if this is acceptable to your team.

Respectfully submitted,



org:Sun Microsystems;Java Software
adr:;;1 Network Dr. MS BUR02-302;Burlington;MA;01803-0902;USA
fn:Farrukh Najmi

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