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Subject: Further agenda item for ebXML StC Discussion

As part of our deliverables for the closing plenary, the Quality Review team are developing a report on the ebXML project.  As input into this, we have two items for the consideration of the Steering Committee:

Firstly, we would like to ask project teams (via their leads) to provide (in bullet form only) information regarding unresolved new issues and/or  requirements.   We are concerned that some valuable ideas and experiences may be lost if they are not documented now. Whilst fragments of these occur throughout the ebXML documentation, we feel they should be formally identified as the basis of future developments in ebXML (part 2).  For guidance, the areas we feel should be flagged and included as part of this material are:
1.  Issues and requirements from the current documentation that should be considered in the next release of specifications.
2.  Issues and requirements NOT in current documentation that should be considered in the next release.  For example, items where there was no time to explore.
3. Out-of-scope items which were discussed and considered but not documented.

We see this as an alternative to our request for extending the Requirements document. (cf. item 2. in Mike Rawlins's recent email to this list).

Secondly, we would like to solicit input from the broader ebXML constituency about the ebXML project itself.  That is, considerations on its strengths and weaknesses with regard to aspects such as the structures, procedures, support mechanisms and communication channels (amongst others).

To this end we would like to issue an invitation for interested parties to submit their considerations on this subject via direct email to the QR team.  This invitation is not intended to be an open debate on these matters, rather to gain personal submissions that can provide input into the considerations of the QR team's final report.  A further component of this would be an open forum during the Vienna plenary (possibly a lunch session or follow on from the opening plenary).  This would allow additional input into this process.

The results and findings of both of these processes will form part of the QR team's closing report.

We request the Steering Committee appove this strategy.

tim mcgrath
TEDIS   fremantle  western australia 6160
phone: +618 93352228  fax: +618 93352142

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