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Subject: Core Elements Team


Well, it's taking some time, but this are getting settled, startedup,
etc.  I want to thank everyone for their interest in this critical

Last week I sent out to the listserv the notes used for Friday's
presentation to the general session on 11/19.  I wanted to get those out
right away, so that everyone can start reviewing for completeness.  We
made good progress, especially when you consider such short meeting time
allocated!  Great work!

I would like to draw your attention to two area's, the first section on
objectives and the last section on reference documents.  The objectives
section seems like there is a lot there, but I would like everyone to
take a look for anything missing.  Also, I want to ensure that the
reference section is as complete as possible as well.  Are there other
important related works missing?  Are there web sites?

We each are going to need to start reviewing the reference works, I'm
getting started tomorrow.  The first week of February isn't very far
away, and we have a lot to do to have a productive meeting.  I'll be
getting back to you soon with the next set of work items.

Have a great week.

Lisa M. Shreve

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